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18 Veterans commit Suicide Per Day ...

This might not seem like a big issue except 18 Veterans are committing suicide per day, and six of them commit suicide each day while under VA care.

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February 4, 2010

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68
PO Box 120707
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
Phone 909-866-9310

Veterans Administration Secretary Eric Shinseki
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20420

And to whom it should concern

Dear Secretary Shinseki and others:

Subject: VA Secretary Eric Shinseki on C-Span, Jan 11, 2010, conference on suicide in the military.

My criticism is against the VA hospitals in general and you Secretary Shinseki in particular. The strength of my criticism is based on my personal 3 month stay in the VA hospital at Loma Linda, CA regarding my suicidal thinking.

The hospital program is a progression of fulltime live-in programs which can last for about a year. I lasted about 3 months before a poorly educated VA councilor had my group vote me out of the program for a week. The insults and back-stabbings where so degrading that I quit the program.

I did ask to be put back into the suicide lockdown unit until I got over my new depression caused by the vote-out. This 2nd lockdown stay was for about 5 days.

Misinformed: In my opinion you Secretary Shinseki, mislead the media because you claimed that the amount of those being treated at VA hospitals has increased but the suicidal rate of 18 per day has stayed the same. Therefore the VA hospitals must be winning the fight against suicides.

Because of what I saw and did at Loma Linda’s suicidal treatment programs, I say that the amount treated has increased because of the speeding-up of the assembly line approach by this VA hospital. At Loma Linda VA they are taking released prisoners inserting them into the PTSD programs then blending PTSD and drug programs together starting with day one.

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Those Veterans just coming out of jail are sent threw Loma Linda and one carrot used to get them through the PTSD programs is a possible benefit package of over $2,000.00 per month.

Abusing the system?
These jailed Veterans hurt those Veterans with real PTSD problems. The jailed Veterans abuse the system and money that could be used for real quality councilors. Money that could be used for quality counseling is now being used for housing the previously jailed Veterans. If Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gets his way with Federal Government money as he requests, I suspect more jailed people will use the VA PTSD/drug programs (See San Bernardino The Sun newspaper 1/29/2010, headlines front page, Waiting for a wave, Area prepares for early inmate release. . This would again enlarge your tweaked percentage numbers. The numbers will make you look good Secretary Shinseki if you are allowed to also exploit the VA system. I noticed on C-Span you where careful NOT to use the word percentage. Sorry for not being politically correct in my wording.

This abuse appears to be a big reason why 6 Veterans per day commit suicide while getting this fake PTSD treatment at VA hospital(s). I say fake because the tuff skinned Veterans coming out of jail for drugs, bully the mentally ill PTSD Veterans to commit suicide or dropout or get voted out of the VA hospital(s). It’s sad as I personally know.

Buddy System is B.S.
Secretary Shinseki, you also said on C-Span that the VA uses a “Buddy System” to help support suicidal treatment. When I heard you say that, then I new your staff gave you the full B.S. treatment. Example: Pulling Covers: The Loma Linda PTSD/drug program uses the term “Pulling Covers” which demands your so called Buddy, report any infractions to a counselor for sometimes stupid infractions. Stupid infractions such as you must allow other Veterans “Buddies” to come into your off hospital living quarters. They can be uninvited and you must share your food if they request food. I paid for my rent and paid for my own food. No food stamps did I get. I swear to God that is the truth. The Veteran (Just released from jail) requesting food from me lived in the next door apartment with four other Veterans. They all had enough food to share with the Veteran requesting food from me. When I denied him food he came back with two other Veterans who tried to Bully their way into my apartment. I and another Veteran refused entry. At the next group meeting the Pulling of Covers brought up the food denial situation. Make a long story short I was voted out of group for 1 week as I wrote earlier.

Secretary Shinseki and others, I’m pleading for you to have someone of authority write me asking for a meeting to talk about these facts and the letters I have posted, e-mailed and sent to U.S. Congressman Jerry Lewis. Such negligents was also a cause for an unnecessary death when I was is the lock down unit the first time. Several letters to Lewis about the death and VA treatment program where sent and then Lewis wrote me saying the matter was closed. The hospital Supervisor was removed as was the Lock down supervisor.

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Some of my posted blogs about this subject and others have been removed against my will. I think by using the Patriot Act / national security letters to do so. I say this because I use the Big Bear Lake Library computers and I’m a rather hard writing activist as this letter shows. I accused the San Bernardino head Library Supervisor (We call him Mr. K) responsible for removing many of my blogs. Some blogs accused the Library / Mr. K of this abuse of the Patriot Act and other Library infractions.

Because of its importance I say it again: 18 Veterans are committing suicide per day, and six of them each day while under VA care.

I swear under penalty of perjury that the above statements are true to the best of my writing ability.

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68
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CC: Sent first letters to those listed below on Feb. 4, 2010.
As of March 11, 2010 no answers.

President Barack Obama, The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C 20500

Congressman Jerry Lewis, 35th district
2112 Rayburn House Office building
Washington D.C. 20510

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Mr. Eddy W. Hartenstein, CEO
L.A. Times
202 W. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

*Beth Daley, Director of Investigations
Project on government oversight

1100 G. Street NW Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005-3806

Also sent to OTHERS:
Sent this Feb. 4th letter to others on Feb.14 & again March 11, 2010 and will continue to send to President Obama and others.

Almost a fight at the VA because of a poorly trained Volunteer and volunteers are not heald accountable by the VA hospitals as I was told.